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My Bad Side Quotes

My Bad Side Quotes

by Vera Mobile Games


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My Bad Side Quotes
My Bad Side Quotes
My Bad Site is an app integrated with a social networking feature and quotes merged into one. It gives you the top 50 quotes that are updated weekly and are comprised by what you send to us. Submit as many quotes as you can and stand a chance to appear on the quote of the week and turns the winner into a celeb for a whole week. The my bad side social network allows you to interact and communicate with friends, family and meet new people. Why my bad side because this app is compromised of the cockiest quotes ever and who like cocky people? You send us the most cockiest quotes you have heard of or that of to us and if its good enough it will appear on our top 50 quotes. FEATURES * Cocky quotes *Social network * Quote of the week page *News page *Send us quotes, images and audios pages *Utilities page comprised of a voice recorder and a note taker.