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Musomic: The Comic Book Creator.

Musomic: The Comic Book Creator.

by Musomic Ltd.


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Musomic: The Comic Book Creator.
Musomic: The Comic Book Creator.
Musomic: The Comic Book Creator.
Musomic: The Comic Book Creator.
Musomic: The Comic Book Creator.

Optimised for iPad, iPad Mini & iPad Air.

Musomic: build your own comic books with soundtracks! Choose from over 250 images and sounds to create and publish your story today!

Please note, we are aware of an issue affecting iPad Air 2 and some newer devices, which is being addressed.

Musomic offers infinite ways to adapt and combine artwork, captions & sounds, in an innovative and exciting platform for creating, publishing and reading digital comics. It boasts multiple comic genres across a growing range of content; providing cinematic viewing for you and your readers, and worldwide publishing with rewards for those who go the extra mile. Rewrite the future of comics!

See www.musomic.com for more details.

App requirements:

iPad 2 and later

iOS 7 and later

120mb hard drive space (minimum)

Image Editing:

All images can be manipulated in size or position thanks to our intuitive design.

Musomic works with up and coming artists and musicians from around the world so you can access and manipulate the very best and inspiring image packs across a growing range such as:
• Horror
• Action
• Suspense
• Mystery
• Comedy
• Fantasy

Interact with the artists through the Musomic app and our social media.

Captions, Narrative & Editing:

Choose from extensive banks of comic author tools such as:
• Thought, speech and narrative boxes to resize and place within your comics.
• A growing range of page layouts.
• Professional font with sizing options.
• Ability to work on multiple drafts at any one time.

Soundtrack creation:

• Hundreds of professional melodies and drums combine to create your own soundtracks over multiple genres such as ROCK, ELECTRONICA, SUSPENSE, HORROR and SCI-FI.
• Ability to mix up genres.
• Intuitive design makes layering tracks flawless.
• Preview options to check your work before publishing.
• Enormous bank of professional sound effects such as THUNDER, RAIN, SUPERHERO VOICES, HORROR VOICES, SCREAMS, SHOUTS, ACTION, CARS, ANIMALS and much, much more! Add them into your comics and soundtracks to add depth and dynamism.

Publishing & Sharing:

• Revolutionary cinematic viewing for readers.
• Reader-responsive viewing: readers have the ability to control transitions between cells, to view at their own pace.
• Users can publish their comics & download others to keep in their own Musomic comic library.
• Users can check their comics’ progress; seeing how many views each comic is receiving.
• Ability to get moderated into the Musomic ‘Hall of Fame’: an opportunity to have your work highlighted to the international Musomic community as a featured comic.