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Mr. Dosa

Mr. Dosa

by Dexoit Labs Pvt Ltd


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Mr. Dosa
Mr. Dosa
Mr. Dosa
Mr. Dosa
Mr. Dosa
Mr. Dosa
Mr. Dosa
Mr. Dosa
Mr. Dosa
Mr. Dosa
Mr. Dosa
Mr. Dosa
Mr. Dosa
Mr. Dosa

Latest app for South Indian Dosa Uttapa lovers. In this app Collection of Best Dosa and Uttapa Recipes in multiple language. You can read and prepare Best Dosa and Uttapa for the family, guest, friend’s member.
All recipes having step by step instruction to make it easily. You can also save for easy and fast access.

Key Features:
- Different type of Dosa and uttapa Recipes in application.
- Share recipes on social media with your friends and family.
- You can easily read Dsoa and uttapa recipes of your favorite dishes anywhere anytime.
- All recipes are described with Ingredients, Directions and Images. 

A popular South Indian thin crepe that is made of fermented rice and lentil batter. History of dosa says that they were made using only rice but with the passage of time, people started to add urad dal to give texture and taste. Dosas and uttapas became very popular with the rise of udupi restaurants which serve the best varieties of Dosa and Uttapa
This app represents many varieties of dosa And Uttapa this are as: 
Basic Recipes:
Mr.Dosa Ready-Mix Batter
Green Coconut Chuteny
Peanut Chuiteny
Dosa Batter
Aloo Sabji
Coconut Chuteny

Verities of Dosas:
Sada Dosa
Masala Dosa
Cut Dosa
Cheese Dosa
Schezwan Dosa
Palak Cheese Dosa
Paneer Dosa
Pav Bhaji Dosa
Set Dosa

Tomato Onion Uttapa
Onion Uttapa
Tomato Uttapa
Banana Utappam

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