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Mobile expert

Mobile expert

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Mobile expert
Mobile expert
Mobile expert
Mobile expert
Mobile expert

Mobile Expert is a phone cleaning app that solves a lot of the problems that make people hate their phones. With this Android cleaner app, you will no longer be bothered by lack of memory, viruses, always drained battery, and other phone glitches. Even an old, inexpensive phone will perform better if you download cleaner apps to it.

What can this app do?

  • It analyzes which applications are loading your phone`s RAM. You can see this as a percentage or megabytes, and uninstall these applications or optimize their performance with Mobile Expert.


  • Cleans and optimizes RAM. You may not even know how much unnecessary cache and other junk your device is storing. It takes a long time to delete it manually, but this app cleans it all in a few clicks.


  • Keeps your phone's battery charged. Are you already afraid to leave home without a power bank because your phone runs out of power too quickly? Unclosed or background apps that continue to use up battery power can affect it. Mobile Expert monitors your battery and closes any apps that you're not using but forgot to close. The cleaning app itself uses very little battery power.


  • Protects your phone from overheating the processor. The processor can overheat on both low-end models and high-end smartphones, depending on what you load it with. Mobile Expert monitors the processor temperature and removes overload by closing unnecessary applications.


  • Deletes trash from your phone. Most likely, your phone stores a bunch of files that you don't need anymore: components of apps that you no longer use, installation files, duplicate files, and so on. Mobile Expert analyzes your storage, and cleans it of junk, freeing up a lot of memory on your phone. Don't worry that the cleaner app will delete the files you need - that won't happen.

Pros and cons of Mobile Expert

+Removes malicious files.

+Clears cache and garbage from your phone.

+Increases battery life.

+The application is easy to use.

+Most features are free.


-Some features of the application are paid.

The app is available in three languages: English, Russian, and Spanish. 

You can install this cleaning master app on Android version 6+ and above.