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MediBuddy is India's largest digital healthcare platform. Help is just an app away. You can download the MediBuddy for all your healthcare needs.

Services offered:

  • Online Doctor Consultations

  • Medicines

  • Lab Tests

  • Health Checks

  • MediBuddy Gold

  • Insurance

  • Other Healthcare Services

Talk to a Doctor Online

Gynecology: Irregular periods, fungal infections, period cramps, pregnancy and breast-feeding issues.

Mental Health: Anxiety, depression, counselling, psychiatry

Dermatology: Acne, dry skin, skin rashes

Cardiology: heart health issues

Sexology: Private and confidential sexual health issues

Hair Scalp Care: Hairfall, dandruff, receding hairline

General Physician: Cold, cough, fever, headache

Pediatrics: fever, child's nutrition, bed wetting

Gastroenterology: Stomach issues, digestive problems and disorders

Diabetes: Manage and control diabetes issues

Other Specialities: Weight Management, orthopedics, neurology, cancer advice

Why order Medicines from MediBuddy?

Let us count the reasons!

  • Up to 15% discount on your order

  • 95% Indian Pin codes Serviced

  • Free and Safe Door Delivery

  • Genuine and Trusted Pharmacies

Book A Lab Test

Get your Lab Test booked from the comfort of your home.

Types of Lab tests included:

  • Diabetes test

  • Kidney test

  • Cardiac Markers

  • Thyroid Tests

  • cbc test

  • ultrasound Test

  • double marker test

  • vdrl test

  • And more...

MediBuddy Gold - Unlimited Doctor Consultation

With MediBuddy Gold, we aim to provide essential healthcare for you and your family.

  • Unlimited consultations with specialist MD doctors

  • Available for the entire family (4 adults and 2 children)

  • Consultations across 18 specialities in 16 Indian languages.

Activate MediBuddy Gold Subscription:

  1. Log in to the MediBuddy app

  2. Click on the "MediBuddy Gold"

  3. On the Gold activation screen click on 'Buy MediBuddy Gold' and activate your subscription.


Home Healthcare

Book healthcare professionals for post-operative care at home, for physiotherapy, physical exercise and lifestyle aid.


Take care of your Dental needs with just a click. You can schedule appointments with a dental professional near you on MediBuddy.

Second Opinion

Get a second chance with a second opinion. The expert opinion process takes an average of 48 hours at the end of which you'll receive a detailed report.

Genome Study

A Genome Study Test helps analyze your genetic risk to diseases so that a doctor can come up with a treatment plan and recommend lifestyle changes.


View and Download E-card

Access, view, and download your Medi Assist eCard to handle hospitalization or any of your dependents' medical needs in a cashless format. The MediBuddy App allows you to carry the details of all your beneficiaries on your smartphone.

Cashless Healthcare

Now you can keep track of all your medical expenses on the MediBuddy app. You can even make cashless payments online through the MediBuddy Wallet.

Locate Network Hospitals

Find the right network hospitals near you. Filter results by location and specialties available.

Track Claims in Real-Time

Keep a tab on the status of your claims with MediBuddy.