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MCipher - Encrypt & Decrypt

MCipher - Encrypt & Decrypt

by Mouaz KAADAN


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MCipher - Encrypt & Decrypt
MCipher - Encrypt & Decrypt
MCipher - Encrypt & Decrypt
MCipher - Encrypt & Decrypt
MCipher - Encrypt & Decrypt

MCipher is a text Encrypting & Decrypting app that includes more than one method to choose from.
By using this application, you will be able to share or save your important texts, messages and passwords safely.



  • Save your passwords and important texts after encryption
  • Free
  • User friendly design
  • Set your own key for encryption & decryption
  • Support of 3 languages: English, Arabic and Turkish (Contact me if you want more languages)
  • Directly share from inside the app
  • Offline



  • AES
  • Affine
  • Base64
  • Caesar
  • Vigenere
  • (More will be added soon) 


Extra Methods:

  • Text to ASCII (and vice versa)
  • Text to Binary (and vice versa)
  • ASCII (int) to Binary (and vice versa)


  • Modulo Calculator
  • Prime Numbers Calculator


How to use the app ?
A: Selecet the method you want to use like for example, set your personal key for the methhod if needed (For AES the default key is “aesEncryptionKey”) then write the text you want to encyrpt and click the button that will appear at the bottom of the screen.
For decrypting you do the opposite of what you did before you set the methods you want to use like “AES --> Text” and you have to set the key to the same key you used while encrypting, otherwise you might get a wrong text or maybe an error.


If you have any other question feel free to contact me.