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mazlo dating

mazlo dating

by EndGame Design Laboratories, LLC


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mazlo dating
mazlo dating
mazlo dating
mazlo dating
mazlo dating

tired of meeting people who aren't who they say they are? yeah, so were we…and that’s what inspired mazlo. this app is the brainchild of one girl and one guy who joined forces to help others stop wasting time with bad dates and actually find a way to meet someone real.

basically, mazlo is darwinism for dating. based on feedback from others, the strongest will ultimately survive in this dating world by building profiles that reflect who they really are. if you are being honest you’re likely to have higher scores; however, dishonesty will likely lead to lower scores making it increasingly difficult to meet people. if you have lower scores, we built a sweet algorithm to sense your “point of frustration"; which means you may be given the option to refresh your profile and start over. plus, we’ll throw your hat back into the ring for all the potential matches who weren't previously interested in your profile. the ultimate goal of mazlo is to help you reach self-actualization, which can only increase you're chances of finding what it is you’re looking for.

so how does mazlo work?

+ build a profile that includes pics, general info about yourself, and an optional voice recording
+ tell us what you’re looking for – like age, distance, what’s important to you - and we do our magic using some logic and gps technology to generate profiles for you to choose from
+ when you and another person are mutually interested, a match is created and you can start messaging with each other
+ if you happen to meet up with your match, both of you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on each other
+ your survey results will factor into each others’ scores, and these scores are then used to determine the order in which your profile is shown to other users (translation: higher scores mean more opportunities for you)

oh yeah, one more thing…

mazlo has a nifty little feature called maz live where you can anonymously meet other people in real-time within 100 ft of you. If someone else with mazlo sees you and is into you - or you are into them - simply use maz live to make a move.

+ ladies: you never have to give out your name or the digits again if its awkward or unsafe; you can message anonymously and always have the option to delete them

+ guys: you get to find out which women around you are interested without having to make the first move and risk being rejected

you’re welcome and happy mazzing ;)