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Math Head Brain Challange

Math Head Brain Challange

by 3fiddygames


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Math Head Brain Challange
Math Head Brain Challange
Math Head Brain Challange
Math Head Brain Challange

Math Head Brain Challenge is a game designed to test your math solving skills under time pressure
in a range of difficulties. designed for both kids and adults, this game
will challenge all you have.

This game is very simple: each level will consist of a few quizzes, each requiring you
to find a solving path for a final round result. You will have all the basic elements
of mathematics: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and parenthesis
to help the clarity of the solution. To help you with the solving process, each quiz
might have free hints, showing you part of the path to solve the problem. If that's not
enough, you can purchase additional hints if you are really stuck.
Your time on each level will be recorded, and you can see how you compete against others
on each level with google Leaderboards (so make sure to allow it). For every quiz, you will receive 
a score based on the length of the problem, and when you finish a level that will add up to your total score
which will be rewarded in achievements. However, for each quiz you will only have a definitive number of steps allowed to solve each quiz. And to challenge you even more, every quiz is random!

So how does it work?

You will have a bank of numbers: (6, 4, 2) 
and all the basic operations: (+, -, *, /). The result is 12. how do you reach it by using
ALL the numbers and any of the operations? There are multiple ways to solve this easy quiz:
(6 * 4) / 2 = 12
6 + 4 + 2 = 12

Both answers will be accepted as correct. Now, 3 numbers exercises might be easy for you to solve,
but how about 4, 5, 6 or up to 12 numbers quizzes?
Try this exercise: the numbers are: (11, 16, 11, 21, 7) and the result is 30 (all the results are round as is).

If you're stuck with a particular exercise, you can use the built in free hints or buy some with our paid in-apps, 
or click on the SHARE button and a string of this particular quiz will be available for
all your android sharing options.

So what do we have here?

* a brain exerciser in mathematics!
* 54 Levels, each composed of a few quizzes!
* fit kids and adults alike!
* free and paid hints!
* Play store Leaderboards and Achievements!
* Time pressure!
* share your problems with friends and family!
* fun and free math game!

Math Head is a brain exerciser that was built entirely with python 
and the fantastic free open source cross-platform kivy framework. 
Many thanks to our friends at the kivy community for making such a fantastic 
and useful framework!