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Mahjong Empire

Mahjong Empire

by Grupoalamar


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Mahjong Empire
Mahjong Empire
Mahjong Empire
Mahjong Empire
Mahjong Empire

Train your brain and unlock its full potential with this amazing Mahjong game.
Relax and enjoy one of the great board games played in Asia in bygone eras.
The game's graphics and great music will help you enter the relaxed state necessary for these types of ancient Chinese puzzles.
There's no rush, in this Mahjong game you're not playing against the clock. A calm approach is best, as problem solving and visual acuity are essential in Mahjong solitaire games.

Rules of the game:

Make combinations of identical pieces until you have emptied each board.
You will only be able to select and eliminate pieces which are not covered from above, and whose left or right side is free.


-Completely free mahjong game.
-Top-quality graphics and effects.
-Many different tiles.
-Piano music appropriate to the style of game.
-Many different levels whose difficulty increases as you progress.

This is one of the mahjong games has various buttons which will make each round easier and more exciting.
-Help button for when you can't find any identical pieces.
-Another button obscures blocked pieces.
-You can use a button to shuffle the pieces when there are no possible combinations.
-You can share the points and levels you've achieved in this great, classic Mah-jong with your friends.
-Whenever you want, you can consult the global leaderboard from the main mah jong game screen.

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