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Macrorify - Auto Clicker with Image Detection

Macrorify - Auto Clicker with Image Detection



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Macrorify - Auto Clicker with Image Detection


- Auto clicks: long clicks, double clicks, delay, randomize...
- Gesture: Drag drop, pinch, zoom,... up to 10 fingers
- Record and replay: Record up to 10 fingers. Recording can then be edited freely, mixed and matched in any order, playback at different speed and interval, every point can be randomized
- Image Detection: Detect when images appear/disappear. Hook callback to such event, you can click on the image or do anything response to such event
- Text Recognition: Same as Image Detection but with words
- Intuitive UI: The UI is very easy to use (at least that's what the beta testers say). You can even make your own UI with the UI
- EMScript: A new programming language developed for Macrorify. Coding is an optional part so if you can code, this will lead to limitless possibility on what you can do rather than just simple timer based instructions
- Compatibility: works from kitkat all the way up, no root, works in emulators
- Built-in macro store: No need to put in the work. Feature a macro store within the app where you can download macros made by other users or you can upload your own and earn rewards
**Some QOL:
- Auto turn screen off while playing to save battery life
- Pause and resume macros
- Change click radius
- Limit the number of items shown on screen
- Run specific actions only