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by Claude Newman


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LifeSign tracks in an easy way and in real time the exact place where your family and friends are, thanks to our locator that uses a GPS tracker! Are you always worried about your kid and want to keep an eye on him? Are you always wondering what your friends are doing or where your friends are? LifeSign is the perfect app for you! Tracking your kid is now child's play. All you need is a number and a mobile phone!

With that power in your hand, you will be able to receive important notifications like:

  • Area Notifications - Just jump on our map and create an area, setup its name (like “Home”), the people it affects, whether you like to be notified when someone is entering, exiting “Home”, or both, choose whether this is a safe or danger zone, set its radius, color… What else do you need!
  • City Notifications - Find the status notifications screen and create one, setup the name of the city (like “London”) and you will start getting notification when people are entering, exiting “London”, or both!
  • Proximity Notifications - Create it by simply setting up whether you want to receive notifications when someone is approaching and is close to you, or vice-versa when people are leaving and are away from you!
  • Weather Notifications - Now, that's fun! You can create one of those and get notified when the weather is changing, for example when it starts, stops “Snowing”, or both. You can even create notifications for when the temperature changes, for example when the temperature drops below a certain amount of degrees!
  • Activity Notifications - You can also create this one and start getting notifications when people start, stop “Driving”, “Running”, or anything you like… You have the power!
  • Ringer Notifications - Ok, that's just silly! With that you will know when someone is switching their phone into “Silent” or “Vibrate” mode so as to not disturb them, or the other way around!
  • Battery Notifications - And we don't stop here! Go and create this notification and you will get notified when the battery drops below a certain level, when it comes back to normal, when the battery is charging or discharging… Now this is control, right, right, right!
  • Signal Strength Notifications - Create it to get notified when the strength or quality of the signal changes so that you know when to call them, or why you can't!

LifeSign even works when GPS is turned off, helping you find your relatives no matter what! Last but not least, LifeSign allows you to “check-in”, informing everyone that you are safe and sound!