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Let's Hydrate!

Let's Hydrate!

by Vana Software


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Let's Hydrate!
Let's Hydrate!
Let's Hydrate!
Let's Hydrate!
Let's Hydrate!

With minimalistic design and maximal efficiency, Let's Hydrate will remind you regularly to drink enough water.

You don't need anything or anybody to remind you to drink water, right? Wrong. Nobody drinks enough water. If you want to keep your body well hydrated, that's why you need water reminder.

Why is that important? Because up to 65% of the human body is water, and if that level is not maintained well enough, you're at the risk of various health problems.

Remember that feeling when you have a hangover, or flu or even common cold? That's mainly because of dehydration. If you want to keep living healthy and feel better, drink enough water.

The Best way to achieve that goal is to use water reminder.

- Main features

* Minimalistic interface with maximal efficiency
* Automatically calculates required daily water intake based on weight, gender and daily workout
* Drinking water reminder
* Customizable units, imperial (oz, lb) or metric (ml, kg)
* Customizable glass volume
* Large list of predefined drinks
* Calculation of additional water requirements after alcohol consumption (because alcohol causes dehydration)
* Hydration tracker, log, chart and graph
* Two size home screen widgets with progress tracking
* Customizable background
* Achievements - you can remove ads if you stay well hydrated for 30 days