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Ladder Louie

Ladder Louie

by Blue Candle Games, Inc.


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Ladder Louie
Ladder Louie
Ladder Louie
Ladder Louie is a strong man who loves to climb ladders all day and night. But sometimes, climbing ladders can get dangerous! Tap the arrow keys on your screen to jump from left to right, and dodge obstacles and hazards, while managing your height carefully. Get up close to an enemy, and blast it off the ladder with a fireball! How long can you keep climbing? Collect coins to unlock the equally energetic Louise, who has different skills and power, and even more coins to unlock Custom Mode, where you can control the environment and pace of the game. Support us, and make your experience more enjoyable, by paying a small fee to remove all advertisements. We really appreciate it! What are you waiting for? It's time to start climbing with Ladder Louie!