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Dating, video chat, messenger, audio calls, view profiles around the world, clink with users on your map for a spontaneous hookup. Suggest places to meet for dates.

Looking for the perfect match? We bring to you the modern dating app “KokTailz” to help you find your ideal match based on the same hobbies and interests. This app uses unique techniques and a sophisticated system to identify what you like and get you closer to matching with your ideal mate. KokTailz creates the opportunity for you to connect with people of your love interest over the internet, with the intention to further get closer and develop personal, romantic, and companionship relationships.

Destiny plays a big part in our life to find our soulmate and every person we meet in our day-to-day life always has a reason behind it. Before it gets too late, “KokTailz” instantly notifies you about your ideal match as soon as you cross them. This app uses the user's current location and has multiple filters allowing users to choose appearance filters like body type, ethnicity, age, and height. Selecting between male, female, and transgender. Sexual orientations, including straight, gay, lesbian, and bisexual. These are the ingredients that KokTailz use to get our users connecting with their ideal mate. Which makes it easy to find the right match. KokTailz also shows how often you clink with people in your city, state, and across the world.

Use KokTailz to clink with people and connect with them immediately. KokTailz is currently only available in the USA.

This app “KokTailz” is the perfect dating app to connect with like-minded people instantly. You are just a click away from finding your partner. Seize the opportunity and create connections. This app has a cool user interface with easy navigation controls which makes it even easier to identify your match.





Looking for more useful features to help you connect with your ideal mate? Here are some of the exciting features from the dating app “KokTailz.”

• Connect with your match with one click.

• Use filters to enhance your search criteria.

• The most secured and 100% trusted dating app.

• Clink with people that crosses your path throughout the day.

• Break the ice by sending each other questions before matching.

• Sophisticated system and unique techniques to identify the right match.

• Set up dates by viewing a list of restaurants around you and activities to do together.

• Automatically receive 3 potential matches every day at noon based on your preference.

• A user-friendly interface. Allows you to send messages, video chat & call other users from the app.

You might be clinking with the same person again and again almost every day, but you might not be aware of it! Have you ever wondered if there could be a reason behind it, and it could be destiny? This dating app “KokTailz” makes this destiny come true without wasting time. This dating app matches your interests and your likes with every person you cross paths with and prompts you as soon as it finds your ideal partner. You can then connect with them over the app to know more about them, with the intent to develop physical relationships.

Never get lonely when you have the most liked dating app “KokTailz” on your device. This dating app is 100% trusted and helps build genuine relationships from around the world. We already have created successful relationships via this dating app “KokTailz.” What more are you looking for? Chat with your match and get comfortable with your partner. Once both partners feel comfortable, you can develop companionship and long-lasting relationships and make it more memorable.






We need your constant support to keep going. Please feel free to email us for any queries, suggestions, and problems, or if you just want to say hello. We would love to hear from you. If you have had a wonderful experience with “KokTailz” app, do not forget to give us a good rating and review.


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