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by Kibo


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With Kibo keyboard you can privately chat with your friends via instant and text messages in any popular messenger. While looking just like an ordinary message for an outsider, a message sent with Kibo keyboard has a hidden part that is visible only to your and your friend. This hidden message is shown neither in the message history nor on the lock screen. To keep it even more private, you can set a passcode to access your private messages.
This app is useful for maintaining your everyday privacy as well as for protecting your business correspondence.

Kibo keyboard offers:
Usability: send hidden messages to anyone in your address book with any messaging service you like.
Reliability: all messages are delivered through the messaging services you already use and trust.
Privacy: be confident that your hidden messages remain hidden, even when an outsider gains access to your phone or you use it next to someone unreliable.
Speed: use preset phrases to speed up your messaging.
Confidence: you are ready to handle situations when messaging privacy becomes vital.
Download Kibo keyboard now and make your messages invisible to outsiders!


We do a lot of work to guarantee the privacy of communication. We are saving all the messages using our special server, but the main idea is that all messages are saved anonymously - nobody can match any message with a specific user. Also, to protect the data provided by the users, we use encryption and never store the plain messages.


“5 can't-miss apps….",
Mashable, Karissa Bell.

“The latest keyboard app to make clever use of iOS custom keyboards, Kibo allows you to exchange secret messages with friends. Messages sent with the app can be disguised to look like everyday small talk.”

“A Keyboard to Conceal Your Naughty Text Messages”,
PSFK, Christina Mauro.

“Despite its personal roots, the application’s ethos of personal privacy echoes current conversations inspired from recent cultural events (yes, the Asley Madison Hack) around how companies and individuals alike can protect their information.”

“Stay private, send secret messages with the Kibo keyboard”, Appadvice, Sandy Stachowiak.

“Whether you are in the office using Skype or at home using Facebook Messenger, this secretive way of communicating is just what you need”