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Khul Ke

Khul Ke

by Loktantra Mediatech Private Ltd


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Khul Ke
Khul Ke
Khul Ke
Khul Ke
Khul Ke
Khul Ke
Khul Ke
Khul Ke
Khul Ke

A one of its kind conversations platform, designed for deeper engagement that gives its users a 360 degree approach to discuss their varied interests. Whether you are an artiste, journalist, politician, Athlete, performer activist, entrepreneur, influencers or a decision Makers, this new platform is sure to excite one and all.
The Khul Ke app offers 3 channels of user engagement:-
Round Table:
Comprising a moderator and relevant panelists this virtual round table will provide a platform to voice opinions or engage in interesting conversations. The panelist may be a subject expert, a celebrity, influencer or even a decision maker. Participants on the other hand will engage in meaningful conversations, sharing of ideas with other members and even enjoy and get entertained. Round table will drive moderated conversations around the latest trending and most exciting topics.
Unravel the true potential of KHUL KE by joining a Round Table:-
- Participate in engaging conversations on topics of interest.
- Create one’s own conversations and stream them live in Video & Audio formats
- Invite subject experts and create a panel for discussion
- Speak your mind through a monologue or invite people for group discussions. Conduct an interview, AGM or even hold a press conference.
- Create your own public, private or confidential round tables.
- Be a powerful audience in interesting conversations, have your say!
- Create your own content
- While you're at it all... don't forget to network!
Open Timeline
A space where people can share personal opinions, updates and audio & visual content. One can further, like, comment, circulate and share another user’s post. This enables the users to create a network of like-minded people.
The native messenger of Khul Ke. Indulge in private conversations with people of interest. YAPP supports standard text, images, videos, audio, documents and emojis.