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Keto Diet App

Keto Diet App

by Keto Diet App


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Keto Diet App
Keto Diet App
Keto Diet App
Keto Diet App
Keto Diet App

Keto Diet App is an easy way to lose weight and reach your healthy living goals.

With Keto Diet App, you will get these features:

Daily low-carb diet meal plan to lose weight fast and easy

Your keto diet meal plan includes hand-picked low carb meals for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. The menu is designed specifically for the total keto diet. If you don’t feel like eating a dish, you can replace it with another keto meal plan recipe with just one tap. All this makes it super easy keto for beginners. Our sugar free diet app with its clean eating meals and healthy recipes is efficient for weight loss and eating well.

Calorie counter, macro tracker, and carb manager
Keto Diet App will count calories for you. No need to fill in the macros by yourself to track macros. Our ketogenic diet app is a calorie counter, and a macro tracker - all in one. If you follow the daily low carb recipes & meal plan, you’ll be all set to lose weight easy. Counting carbs is extremely important in Keto diet (Ketogenic diet, or LCHF diet) so Keto Diet App counts carbs for you in each recipe and acts as a carb manager and a carb counter.

Detailed recipes with pictures and directions
Cooking healthy meals is not always easy. Keto recipes in Keto Diet App include the meals pictures and directions on cooking low carb and sugar free recipes. You will also see how much time you need to prepare your keto meal.

Manage serving sizes and leftovers for Keto diet
If you think your family members will benefit from a low carb diet, clean eating meals, and healthy recipes, you can adjust serving sizes within each keto diet recipe.

Grocery list for the whole week and even month
Simply add ingredients from keto recipes to the shopping list. If you change the serving size of your keto diet recipe, the grocery list will adjust accordingly. Ketogenic grocery list will help to ensure that you don’t buy extra food and have all the ingredients to cook keto & low carb diet meals and lose weight.

Keto guide
You can find useful information in our Keto guide. It describes what keto diet is, how to understand that you are in ketosis and provides healthy living tips to strengthen your weight loss and keto diet efforts.

Personal advice on keto diet from our in-house diet counselor
Any time you have a question or feedback, you can chat with our in-house diet counselor Kelly. Kelly knows all about Keto diet, ketogenic diet for weight loss, low carb diet, low carb recipes & meal plan, clean eating meals, and everything about overall nutrition, healthy recipes, and healthy living.

Access to Keto Diet App from any device
Create an account and get your low carb diet plan and keto recipes from any smartphone or tablet.

What is Keto diet?
The Keto diet, aka Ketogenic diet, low carb diet, low carb high fat (LCHF) is a diet where you eat very low amounts of carbohydrates, moderate amounts of proteins, and a high amount of fats. Because carbohydrate intake is drastically reduced, the body is forced to burn fats for energy which helps in weight loss. Most people are generally addicted to carbohydrates and sugars, and Keto diet will help to get rid of this addiction.
The term “Ketogenic” refers to the act of the body turning fat stored in the liver to “ketones” which are then transported to the brain and supply it with energy. The reduction of carbs puts your body into a metabolical state called Ketosis. This is when your body becomes incredibly efficient at burning fat for energy and supplying your brain with ketones.
Some studies find that Keto diet is helpful for people with diabetes, and epilepsy.

With Keto diet, you can:
Lose weight
Reduce the amount of blood sugar
Decrease the intake of unhealthy high carb foods
Eliminate habits of eating unhealthy sweets and other high-carb meals

Download free Keto Diet App and start losing weight with low-carb recipes!