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Juktoapp Digital Business Card

Juktoapp Digital Business Card

by Amralab


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Juktoapp Digital Business Card

Welcome to JuktoApp - the ultimate "Digital Business Card" app of 2023!

In today's digital age, business cards have taken a significant leap from their traditional paper format to virtual platforms. JuktoApp is a game-changing solution that has transformed the way professionals connect and interact. This innovative digital visiting card platform allows users to create, share, and store their business cards virtually. This comprehensive guide will delve into the capabilities and advantages of JuktoApp, the ultimate free digital business card maker, and wallet.

⊙ Create Your Digital Business Card in 2 Minutes

➤ Download and Install JuktoApp from google, log in your account, if you don't have an account, create a new account

➤ Create a new card (+), choose a pre-designed template from JuktoApp's library. Provide information for yourself, including such your name, work title, company name, and contact information. You can also add your social media links to your digital card.

➤ Preview and save your card after entering your all information. The Digital Business Card Once you've finished, send it to your connections by social media, email, text message, or WhatsApp. You can also embed your digital card on your website or blog.

⊙ Combine Paper Cards with Digital Business Cards

JuktoApp understands that some professionals may still prefer using paper business cards or have a stack of them lying around. That's why the app allows you to combine your paper business cards with your digital visiting card. The app will convert the paper card into the digital format once you simply scan it with the built-in scanner. This feature enables you to make the most of both worlds, making JuktoApp the perfect electronic business card app for everyone.

⊙ Store Unlimited Business Cards in Smart Wallet

As a powerful digital business card maker app, JuktoApp offers a built-in Smart Wallet feature that allows you to store and manage all your business cards in one place. The Smart Wallet makes it simple for you to manage your contacts by storing an unlimited amount of both physical and electronic business cards. With the integrated QR code and paper card scanners, you can quickly add new cards to your wallet, ensuring you never lose an important contact again.

⊙ Create and Manage Teams

JuktoApp makes it easy for businesses and organizations to create and manage teams. You may communicate together with your coworkers and discuss key information inside your group using this functionality. You can set up your team with a brand-specific domain, ensuring a consistent and professional image across all team members' digital business cards.

⊙ Seamless Integration with Other Platforms

JuktoApp digital visiting card maker allows you to connect your virtual business card to any platform. This feature enables you to share your digital business card for WhatsApp, email, social media, and more. You can also embed your card on your website or blog, ensuring your contact information is easily accessible to your audience.

⊙ Track Your Card's Performance with Inside Analytics

One of the unique features of JuktoApp is the ability to track your card's performance with Inside Analytics. This feature provides valuable insights into how many people have viewed your card, helping you measure the effectiveness of your networking efforts. You may also use Inside Analytics to find patterns and trends in your interactions, which can help you make data-driven choices and enhance your networking strategy.

⊙ Environmentally Friendly Solution

Switching to digital business cards is not just good for your wallet but also for the environment. You can drastically reduce your carbon footprint and help to create a greener world by doing away of the necessity of paper cards. Plus, the unlimited card-sharing feature ensures that you never run out of business cards, making it a sustainable and environment-friendly.