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JINA App Organizer Evolution

JINA App Organizer Evolution

by MobeedoM


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JINA App Organizer Evolution
JINA App Organizer is a multitasking Sidebar and an automatic organizer app that enhances your launcher with dynamic and automated dsktop folders. JINA provides a resizable and zoomable interface particularly useful for the tablet. The app organizer is totally automatic, apps are tagged automatically by information on price, category and versions present on the app store. JINA can distinguish automatically the origin of the app: Google Play, Samsung Apps and Amazon Apps, Unknown source. It offers advanced and completely customizable features for sorting and searching, and the ability to use a T9 keypad to perform full text searches. The categories retrieved automatically can be remapped or integrated by user defined tags. The look and feel is customizable with four standard themes, there is even a function of automatic switch of the theme based on time of day (i.e. dark theme at night). As for the list of the categories app and folder on your desktop, you can customize the icons using the standard icon packs. There are batch functionality to operate on sets of selected apps, JINA Fs provides also statistics and graphs on the life cycle of the app (installations, updates, uninstalls) and the list of installed apps can be exported to Excel.