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Iptv Player

Iptv Player

by Anatoly Kuchin


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Iptv Player
Iptv Player
Iptv Player
Iptv Player
Iptv Player
Iptv Player
Iptv Player
Iptv Player

The Iptv Player application allows you to watch TV of your Internet provider or from another source based on IPTV technology. This application does not contain built-in playlists, but is only a client that allows you to conveniently and comfortably watch online TV. To watch TV you need playlists in the format m3u.

- Built-in player;
- favorites, channel groups, playlist manager, TV programs, udp proxy;
- time shift for each channel;
- adding, deleting, changing TV channels;
- adding, deleting, changing channel groups;
- Output of channel groups selected for active playlists;
- automatic reconnection to the server when the connection is broken;
- support for playlists in m3u format;
- support for tv programs in the format xmltv or zip / gz archives;
- Support for work through the udp proxy;
- support mouse control, fingers;
- Simple and convenient interface.

Additional features available in the pro version:
- Lack of advertising;
- Autoplay the last channel when the application starts;
- autoplay when deleting channels;
- Autoplay when activating playlists;
- Unlimited number of groups of channels, playlists, TV programs, udp proxy.