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Infinite Zoom Art Game!

Infinite Zoom Art Game!

by creativespartans


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Infinite Zoom Art Game!
Infinite Zoom Art Game!
Infinite Zoom Art Game!
Infinite Zoom Art Game!

Infinite Zoom Art Game!

Find hidden objects to Dress Up Paper Dolls & Find Hidden Valentine Stickers with infinity zoom art.

est your brain & focus with this new activity book designed to improve your focus with a more focused scavenger hunt. Explore amazing art with infinite zooming in this jumbo book of hidden objects & charming Valentine's stickers hidden in microspaces! Zoom in to search & find with your fingers to find the right spot, then zoom further to find hidden paper doll clothes & valentine stickers, then dress up adorable paper dolls with the puffy stickers found! Relaxing, fun offline scavenger hunt game with infinity art zoom

Unleash your inner artist & detective in crazy Infinite Zoom Art in this puffy sticker book art puzzle! Zoom in and swipe through every corner of the interactive map in this captivating 2D puzzle game which blends hidden object fun with creative paper doll dress-up & valentine hidden picture puzzles.

Infinite Zoom Art: Find objects by Magnifying breathtaking artwork, focus on the map find hidden objects within other hidden objects for an extraordinary scavenger hunting experience, and uncover cleverly hidden paper doll accessories & valentine stickers in this hardest-hidden picture book. An Art of Zoom with an innovation.

Creative Doll Dress-Up: Move around the interactive maps & use your discoveries to dress up adorable paper dolls in the puffy sticker book followed by the search-and-find process. Dress up the paper doll with puffy stickers and show your individuality with unique outfits!

Ultimate puzzle challenges with a relaxing atmosphere: Immerse yourself in calming & soothing visuals as you delve into the artistic world of Infinite Zoom Art find objects challenge. Perfect for a relaxing & visually stunning detective experience.