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iLock Antitheft Lockscreen

iLock Antitheft Lockscreen

by Small Tiny Apps


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iLock Antitheft Lockscreen
iLock Antitheft Lockscreen
iLock Antitheft Lockscreen
Lock and Protect your phone! iLock is a revolutionary all-in-one suite for a locker app. Equipped with a remotely controlled alarm, phone locator^ and a usb alarm^, there's no need to fear about your phone being stolen anymore! Best thing of all, iLock has NO ADS! (SmallTinyApps's recommendations: iLock works great with NiLS Lockscreen Notifications) ^ denotes iLock Pro features only Pre-requisites: --------------- ★ A front facing camera (optional but recommended) ★ A phone with a decent processor speed (or it'll appear a little 'laggy' to slower phones) Features: --------------- ★ SMS commands to enable the alarm / gps locator^ ★ Snaps pictures of anyone who enters in the wrong pin ★ Sleek interface and easy to use ★ Usb alarm^ prevents your phone from being stolen while you charge ★ Possible integration with cloud-syncing apps to upload photos of intruders (Subjected to the limitations of the 3rd party apps) ^ - Pro features only FAQ: --------------- ★ My lockscreen doesn't show up Simply navigate to android settings>applications>ilock and select 'Clear App Data' to reset iLock to default settings ★ How do I disable iLock? By setting the pin to 0000, you can temporarily disable iLock ★ How do I enable the device administrator for iLock? Navigate to android's Settings > Security options > Device Administrators ★ The text "%LastLogin" appears on my lock screen Simply launch iLock settings and check out the 'whats new' column How to use SMS commands ---------------------------------- If your phone gets stolen, or you just cant find where you've placed your phone, borrow another phone to sms these commands to your number (only works when your phone is on) ★ CODEWORD (Activates the alarm feature. Phone will play the alarm repeatedly) ★ Stop CODEWORD (Stops the alarm) ★ Gps CODEWORD (You will receive a reply within 40 seconds with the exact location of your phone) Most important thing of all, please rate ILock if you love it, it's good to share some love Note: This app does not store, access or share any of your personal data. Locations are sent as replies only when activated with the codeword.