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Hitler Caption Maker - Parody

Hitler Caption Maker - Parody

by DeveloperDo


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Hitler Caption Maker - Parody
Hitler Caption Maker - Parody

With this fabulous application you can add subtitle to the famous hitler video in a very simple way.

* First step download the video of the hitler parody. In this step we recommend to download the video externally by another route or use the links we recommend within the app, this is because we can not provide the original video for copyright reasons. (We recommend the video with duration 3:39).

* Second step is to load the downloaded video into the application.

* Third step is to add the subtitles to your liking.

* Fourth step is to start converting the video.

You can share the video created with your friends in all social networks.

There are thousands of videos on the internet with the parody of hitler, forward begins to create your video!

Note: We can not supply the video for reasons of copyright.