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Hindi Bhajans

Hindi Bhajans

by AC Software


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Hindi Bhajans
Hindi Bhajans
Hindi Bhajans
Hindi Bhajans
Hindi Bhajans
Hindi Bhajans

A bhajan literally means "sharing". It also refers to any song with religious theme or spiritual ideas, in a regional South Asian language. A bhajan has no prescribed form, or set rules, is in free form, normally lyrical and based on melodic ragas.

Ideas from scriptures, legendary epics, the teachings of saints and loving devotion to a deity are the typical subjects of Bhajans. It is usually a group event, with one or more lead singers, accompanied with music, and sometimes dancing. A Bhajan may be sung in a temple, in a home, under a tree in open, near a river bank or a place of historic significance.

Best Collection of Hindi Bhajans across 11 categories like Aarti, Chalisa, Shri Ram, Jai Hanuman, Shiv Ji and many more

Features of the app

- Small Size
- Full Offline Mode. No Internet Required Post Download
- Mark Bhajans as Favourite
- Share Bhajans with Friends and Family using inbuilt share button across Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram, SMS or Email