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Hechizos Conjuros Magia

Hechizos Conjuros Magia

by education for kids


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Hechizos Conjuros Magia

This initial application explains what this magical world and provides us with spells and rituals of White Magic protection, love, health, good luck, wealth revenge beauty work and bad luck.
With your mind power of magic can solve your problems and those of your friends. Convert your desires into reality and transforms negative energy into positive will help you achieve what you set your mind you can achieve any challenge you'll see.
Keep in mind that White Magic only serves to do good and counter the black magic spells Because these try to influence the natural flow of life, must be handled with care.
App content:
- Witchcraft
- Spells and rituals of white magic
-Good luck
-protection evil spirits
-White magic
-The elements
-Runas Armanen
-Remove Brujeria
White magic and black magic provide you all the luck and health you need with fantastic spells and spells that brings you the Magic Spells Spells app and if you do not like satanic ritual overcomes the evil devil.