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Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

by AppAspect Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


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Heart Rate Monitor
Heart Rate Monitor
Heart Rate Monitor
Heart Rate Monitor
Heart Rate Monitor

Looking to measure your heart rate? Now you don’t need a special heart rate monitor device to measure your pulse. Simply turn your mobile phone into a Heart Rate Monitor by using device’s camera flash and measure your heart rate anywhere anytime.




- Easy to use with intuitive design.

- Measure your heart rate with your phone camera.

- Unlimited hear rate measurement.

- Apple health integration to store heart rate data.

- Clean and intuitive design to measure your heart rate easily. Provide live pulse measurement data in graph along with the result.

- Playing nice sound while measuring the heart rate with heart beat measurement.

- Save history of pulse data in chronological order with heart rate, date & time.

- Along with the heart rate measurement it stores the feeling and measurement type.

- Different measurement types: maximum HR, resting HR, pre & post workout HR.

- Built in user guide to provide info about how to use the app.

- Very useful application for the sports persons and for fitness trainer.




- Just cover the phone’s camera with your finger and stay still during the measurement.

- Place your index finger on the camera lens and press lightly on the back of your phone.

- Please make sure you put your finger steadily when measuring your heart rate.

- No need to give more force with the finger to the phone lens otherwise it will not give correct result.




- Cardio workout monitoring

- Heart rate measurements

- Pulse Tracker

- Cardiograph




- This app is for recreational and fitness use only and this is not a medical product and should not be used for medical diagnosis as it is not a medical product.

- In some devices, heart rate monitor may make the LED flash very hot.

- It is also working without Flashlight but make sure you have enough light when measuring heart rate.