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Gunship Jupiter Battle

Gunship Jupiter Battle

by afuffstudio


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Gunship Jupiter Battle
Jupiter Battle is a new era of space combat game. A new kind of spaceship is given to you for the battle since you are the First Commander to command your troops in this new battle Since the beginning of life, man has looked to the stars with a sense of wonder. Your primary objective is to do exploration into outer space. We really don't know how various galaxies formed and took the many shapes that we see today. But we do have some ideas about their origins and evolution. I believe some outer space mysteries can be describe in such theories, such as the birthplace of sun, waves made of starts, high-velocity clouds, Megellanic Clouds, Hypervelocity starts Galactic Wartp and many more. Human had done many exploration quests since the invasion of spaceship. In this game you have the opportunity to enjoy the voyage into universe. Jupiter Battle provides the design and development of aircraft combat that use for battlers either droid or robots. In the early day s of military aviation, aircraft were built by simply modifying existing land-based aircraft and making them suitable for the harsh environment of carrier operations. Unfortunately, the addition of essential equipment such as arrester hooks and beefed-up undercarriages as well as strengthened structures frequently eroded the performance an aircraft may have enjoyed as a landplane. This led to built-in inferiority compared to land-based types. Your spaceship is a special design Helicopter that can travel until the end of universe. The gunship is equipped with deadly laser machine gun that wipe out everything that blocking your path. Your second mission of the Jupiter battles is to build a new ascending colony near planets Jupiter. In order for you to complete the mission you have to defend your territory against invading alien. These invading troops are the soldier of Dark Nebola. They came from the heart of the Milky Way to battle and you need to command your troops, although only few are detected there are fearless warrior from Nebola Realm; therefore you must not underestimate them. Shoot them down, destroy all raiders alien and have no mercy for these robotic creatures. At the near end of the combat, your exhausted battleship will face the overlord monster. The might invader king has 1500 lives, but you have only 5 lives. So be a smart battle commander, do not only focus on attack but you must also dodge attack from these galactic creature. Life Ratio 5:500 seem like a sure lose situation. Although the chances are small you can still win this battle. The tip is to “avoid enemy attack”. Jupiter Battle feature includes; • Stunning HD graphics • Supreme sound quality • Easy to control, just touch and drag screen. Be a fighter, explorer, conqueror or guardian of the galaxy in this wonderful galaxy adventure. Explore the longest distance possible and compete with friends. Download Jupiter Battle now to feel adrenaline rush and the excitement of air combat. It is a great escape from boredom and quickest way to make time pass by. Free download in Google Play! Enjoy yourself