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Guide for Pokemon Go

Guide for Pokemon Go

by vyle87hn


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Guide for Pokemon Go
Guide for Pokemon Go
Guide for Pokemon Go

Time to take hold of your dreams, become a Pokemon trainer, and catch 'em all!

Just about everyone knows about Pokemon , a game where you travel the world in order to collect every pocket monster on the planet. For over a decade it has won hearts, and now, Pokemon Go is coming to a mobile phone near you. Whether you are rocking an Android or an iPhone, this game is going to be available to play.

We've got all the details that you need to hit the ground running. We cover how to find and catch Pokemon , how Gyms and teams work, what items you can hope to find, and how evolution is going to work. Pokemon Go is still in the beta phase and not yet available to download but we've been deep in the trenches, catching, hatching, and evolving Pokemon ahead it's official launch, which is scheduled for sometime later this year. We've got the definitive guide to Pokemon Go. Keep reading for all the details!