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Glass Blower 3D! ASMR Blow Art

Glass Blower 3D! ASMR Blow Art

by creativespartans


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Glass Blower 3D! ASMR Blow Art
Glass Blower 3D! ASMR Blow Art
Glass Blower 3D! ASMR Blow Art
Glass Blower 3D! ASMR Blow Art

Are you a perfectionist who loves things in a perfect way? Do you like satisfying factory processes and love to watch oddly satisfying glass blowing into different shapes? Are you a fan of glass decoration & seeing blowing it with clarity & perfection? You know you can make one of you own ornament? Would you like that? YES! Well then let’s get started with a very relaxing & satisfying glass blow art process, Shall we?

You’re going to make some amazing glass ornaments here, fresh from the furnace. You take a glass mold heat it in the furnace and blow it with your mouth till perfection! You’ve created your own beautiful ornament. Unleash your craftsman ship you will forget wood turning & start loving glass blowing if you are actually a true craftsman. But hey keep in mind the furnace is very hot. You don’t want to overdo it. Just hold the stick in the furnace till the glass is really hot. Once it’s there blow it with perfection on the mold and you will have created your own glass ornament. Interesting isn’t it?

Now your job is to use our machine very carefully and produce some beautiful glass decorations such as vase, glass, lamps & other glass blowing compilation create the best master piece.

Don’t let the furnace burn your glass. You think you can do it?

Satisfying Glass Blowing Game! ASMR Blower Art 3D Features:

Bright colors with realistic glass blow effect

Amazing shapes for the viewers of glass blowing satisfying videos viewers

Beautiful glass molds

ASMR sound effects

Exciting new levels for perfectionist people.

Increased difficulty but simple controls & addictive game play

User friendly graphics

This glass blow game has thousands of levels for beginners and masters. Timing is the key. You have to complete each level in the given time period. Every level has a new ornament. Think you can do it in the given time? Let’s see if you can, Best of Luck!