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Give It Up 4 Dash

Give It Up 4 Dash

by Duoku Game


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Give It Up 4 Dash
Give It Up 4 Dash
Give It Up 4 Dash
Give It Up 4 Dash
Give It Up 4 Dash
Give It Up 4 Dash
Give It Up 4 Dash

A new STAR of the extremely popular rhythm-based platform game Give It Up 4 Dash has arrived!

Dash across gaps, among traps, and over spikes. The cute Blob awaits you to proceed an amazing adventure with our brand new pipe world!



3 different world

• Dash though 3 iconic locations with super graphics. Enjoy your‘Fast and furious‘

• -250+ Complicated Levels
Practice! Practice! Practice a lot! Finish all the crazy levels with your cute black Blob. Danger is everywhere and remember it is a game habitual to die.

various props to handle

• Overcome tons of obstacles. utilize your brain and various props to help the little Blob survive in this critical pipe world.

• Make/Sharing DIY levels

Showcase your creativity to the global GIU community! Making your own level and sharing it to your friends to show your amazing talent !


If you are interested in it, welcome to download it via this link: http://giu4.duoku.com:1200/instagram

If you have any questions or any doubts about it or anything you need or you can not download it, please no hesitate to join our Telegram Group and leave your questions :  https://t.me/giu4game 

We will try our best to help you solve them. Or you can send the message to me directly by whatsapp: 008615210373926