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Ginnarr’s Labyrinths Quest

Ginnarr’s Labyrinths Quest

by Nysgard


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Ginnarr’s Labyrinths Quest
In this game, you will cross many infernal labyrinths. To win, you need to choose the right paths, find treasures and reach the exit. OUR HEROE: GINNARR Live the adventures of Ginnarr, a brave and fearless dwarf. Ginnarr goes in quest of adventure and treasure! Use the proposed joystick to direct the character in the labyrinths proposed. Enjoy it! MANY LABYRINTHS! You will lead you through mazes on multiple screens. You have to find out, not forgetting to open the treasures on your way. The first proposed labyrinths should not pose any problems. But expect a difficulty increased over you advance ... MORE ADVENTURE TO COME The game begins with the first adventure for Ginnarr. The forest maze is on your way (10 labyrinth levels). Other adventures will follow. Expect some surprises, and increasing complexity.