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Galaxy Guardians Asteroids War

Galaxy Guardians Asteroids War

by DanteGames


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Galaxy Guardians Asteroids War
Galaxy Guardians Asteroids War
Galaxy Guardians Asteroids War
Galaxy Guardians Asteroids War
Galaxy Guardians Asteroids War
Galaxy Guardians Asteroids War
Galaxy Guardians Asteroids War

Stop the Galatic invasion! and do do a barrel roll evasive maneuvers, se don't be a pray be predator in this hostile universe that is enemy territory
Explore explore the universe, avoid danger pick up stars and upgrades
You are the last and only true rogue galaxy guardian and Your job is to stop the galaxy invaders from starting the galactic invasion on earth from blast destroying all the planets in rogue imperium solar system
galaxy invaders are invading your galaxy guardian homeland so put Your rogue space shooting blast helmet on get in Your fighter spaceship
battle them shoot laser cannon and blaze blast them into pieces ! pick up blaze power up ! slow motion slow down time and many many more !
this is imperium space war and this is space shooting battle be true galaxy guardian you have to avoid asteroids
and blaze shoot asteroids for extra points, but look out this is very big asteroids that will blaze break into small asteroids
but sometimes You will have to escape the imperium battlefield by do a barrel roll evasive maneuvers from aliens

Your rogue Galaxy guardians spaceship has lots off different laser cannon type from green laser cannon too
yellow laser cannon
Your rogue galaxy guardians spaceships will be more powerful as you progress most powerful laser cannon is yellow

look out and be aware that aliens gunships will fire at You with red laser that can destroy Your spacecraft in one fire !
space shooting world is on edge the civilization on human is in danger from evil aliens ! stop space shooting aliens invaders for all cost !

You will pick up stars around mars for extra points that You can spend in shop so You can buy more powerfull battleships to fight aliens

great fast paced 8-bit rock electro music will keep you in the game
easy two finger controls so you can easily do a barrel roll evasive maneuvers
free game no in app-purches
use Your finger too do a barrel roll evasive maneuvers and spin jet wings your battleship fighter jet around and move all over the screen in this space battle game

this mars space shooting game inspired by atari classics like shooter invaders in HD is a fast-paced top-down perspective shoot space war game that required a lot off skills
and much more than fast reactions and memorising enemy invader attack patterns and do a barrel roll to avoid getting hit This space shooter is an exciting and very addictive epic galaxy war game with 120 stages, 60+ invaders and a lot of spaceship to unlock.
The pilot need also have strategy thinking skills to use proper upgrades and use the appropriate skills during specific space missions in 16 solar star systems to guard the space edge.
so stop the dark evil forces and make Your skill so good you will bo no longer pray You will be a predator and
You can dominate enemy territory
Start your mars spaceship engines put You star pants and join the rebellion.