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Friend Tracker

Friend Tracker

by MAJ X


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Friend Tracker
Friend Tracker
Friend Tracker
Friend Tracker

Friend Tracker is a great tool for checking that your loved ones are safe and tracking their whereabouts.


Friend Tracker is a great tool for caring parents and friends who want to check that their loved ones are safe and secure.

Friend Tracker is a unique app with family safety features that allows you to easily get in touch and check the safety of your friends and family, anywhere in the world.


The features of Friend Tracker:


GPS location tracker: find and track any family member or friend's exact location on the map to make sure they are ok if they are not responding to their phone. This feature helps you make sure that for exemple, your kid is safe or that he is in the area he or she is supposed to be.


Location history: see the history of your location requests, the date and time, status wether it succeeded or not, and see the GPS location of your loved ones on the map.


Emergency notifications: send and receive emergency notifications to your contacts in case of a danger. This feature allows you to send your current location to any of your contact, from exemple to one of your parents or your best friend, if you feel you are not safe. This way, they will see exactly where you are and be able to find you.


Contact directory: add your contacts, friends or family members in the app directly from the contact list of your phone. You can custom their information with ease and set up your favorite contacts so that you can send them location request in just a few clics.


Family & Friends chat: chat with your loved ones in our app, send custom messages easily to your friends and family members.


The data shared on the app is 100% secured and confidential, none of this data is shared with third parties. Also the app is 100% advert free: you can enjoy all the features without being disturbed with adverts.


You can download and try our app for free. You can also use all the features for free for 3 days. Beyond the 3 days of free trial, you will need to buy a subscription in order to continue using all the features.


The cost of the subscription will be debited directly from your app store account, and will be automatically renewed at chosen intervals (usually every week) unless you cancel anytime before the end of the 3 days free trial. You can manage your subscription from the settings section of you app store account.


If you need any help, or have trouble renewing or cancelling your subscription, you can also contact one of our advisor anytime from the help section of our application.


Please, do not hesitate to check our Terms and Conditions on this page https://friend-tracker.com/conditions. If you have any suggestion or question, you can send us an email at [email protected].