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Follow the Line EX

Follow the Line EX

by Xllusion Ltd


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Follow the Line EX
Follow the Line EX
Follow the Line EX
Follow the Line EX
Follow the Line EX

Follow the Line EX is a 2D finger runner game. It is simple, yet challenging! Keep your finger on the screen and run through randomly generated path road. Try to follow the line and avoid moving obstacles. Run as far as you can and beat your friend's high score!

New Upgrade System:
- Shield: Protect from obstacles
- Wing: Protect from falling
- Speed: Reduce overall speed
- Score: Increase initial score

New Daily Bonus:
- Free crystals
- Achieve certain score
- Get to next level

- Upgrade system
- Daily bonus
- Randomly generated path
- Many levels to unlock
- Collect crystals
- Compare your score to the world (Leaderboard)
- Share your score to friends
- Sharp graphics on all screen resolutions

How to play?
Touch the green dot and hold, the camera will begin to move, you can then drag/move your finger.

This game contains In-App Purchase where you can remove the ads or purchase game coins.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/xllusion