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by Flash Energy Inc


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Tired of your phone power off due to battery drain? Get ready to Turn on FlashShare!


Are you looking for an affordable, reliable and convenient way to charge your smartphone by renting power banks? Imagine being able to rent power banks from different places. Charge your phone anywhere, anytime. No cords. No outlets. No awkwardly waiting by a wall. No more low battery worries. When the battery is low, just find a FlashShare Cabinet and start charging.


FlashShare: Rent PowerBanks is an amazing way to help you find nearby stations from where you can rent a power bank or a flash. Using the FlashShare app, you can rent a flash or a power-bank to charge your phone from a nearby bar, restaurant, hotel, venue, university or other public places.


FlashShare is on a mission to help you keep going on your phone power wherever you are in the most convenient way possible.



How it works?

Still wondering how you can share a powerbank to charge your phone battery? Here’s how FlashShare works -

1.            Download the FlashShare app - Register & Login

2.            Recharge the deposit in the Personal Center

3.            Find a nearby Flash Cabinet, scan the QR code & take out the flash

4.            After charging, find a flash cabinet and return the Flash


Easy isn’t it? So, remember to use Flash, the next time you have a need for charging your smartphone while travelling or while at work.



App Features

Below are the features of the FlashShare Power Bank Renting app that makes it the best choice to use to charge your smartphone -

⚡ Widely available at different public places for charging your phone

⚡ Innovative model - Scan and Pay

⚡ Pay using WeChat or AliPay

⚡ Affordable with transparent pricing

⚡ Reliable to use


ShareFlash Pricing

FlashShare has a transparent pricing and has two options -


1.            Hourly Price - Pay by the hour

- $1.99/hour

- $35 deposit required to rent the power bank

- No rebate benefits

2.            Membership Pricing

- $36/year

- Use for free for 36 hours after raking the power bank

- Invite friends to get rewards


Membership pricing is more popular among our users.


Leave us a feedback

Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hi. We would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature of the app, do not forget to rate us on the play store. Tell your friends how much you have liked using the FlashShare app.