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Flappy Hillary

Flappy Hillary

by Stan´s Game Emporium


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Flappy Hillary
Flappy Hillary
Flappy Hillary
Tap Tap Tap = Flap Flap Flap Sounds easy, but can you help Hillary avoid all the obstacles and reach the White House in one piece? Features: Flap like there´s no tomorrow! Grab Executive Orders, multiply your score and go through columns like they´re nothing! Achievements! Post your High Score online, so everyone can see who´s the real President! Chiptune versions of The Star-Spangled Banner and Yankee Doodle Dandy! Flappy Hillary has absolutely no relation to Hillary Clinton. This is a different Hillary. This Hillary is trying to reach the White House to take pictures and check out the place. She has no intentions of being the President of the United States, unlike Hillary Clinton, who is pretty much going to run for it. Hillary Clinton is awesome and we know that she wouldn't sue anyone trying to make a funny game about a winged flying head avoiding columns. Flappy Hillary is the perfect game for people who like: Hillary (not Clinton) Politics Flapping Wings Columns The White House Tapping Pixelart Presidential Candidates