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FinMapp – Loans & Mutual Fund

FinMapp – Loans & Mutual Fund

by FinMapp


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FinMapp – Loans & Mutual Fund
FinMapp – Loans & Mutual Fund
FinMapp – Loans & Mutual Fund
FinMapp – Loans & Mutual Fund
FinMapp – Loans & Mutual Fund
FinMapp – Loans & Mutual Fund
FinMapp – Loans & Mutual Fund
FinMapp – Loans & Mutual Fund
FinMapp – Loans & Mutual Fund
FinMapp – Loans & Mutual Fund
FinMapp – Loans & Mutual Fund

FinMapp is Your Free Financial Matchmaker & Wealth Advisor. We make your Investment Easy and Fast.


Join Made in India growing investment platform. FinMapp is easy to use & a one-stop-shop for all types of Investors & users in India.


Looking for a single platform for all your investment needs? You’ve landed at the right place. Open your account with FinMapp - Loan & Mutual Fund & buy stocks that you love, invest in mutual funds, get All kinds of Loans.


We are not directly lending the loans, instead, we understand your financial needs and profile to recommend your loan to our banking and NBFC partners.


Get all kinds of Loans:Offered by our partner bank and NBFCs


Instant Personal Loan:

- Minimum Loan Amount ₹1000

- Maximum Loan Amount ₹75 Lakhs

- 100% Digital Process


Unsecured Loans: Personal Loan

- Minimum and Maximum Loan amount is ₹50k – ₹75 Lakhs

- Minimum and maximum period for repayment is 12 - 84 months

- Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 22%

-100% Digital Process



Let’s say the user has taken a loan for Rs 1,00,000 where processing fee is 2% + GST (currently 18% in India). Following are the different situations:


- Loan tenure 12 months, APR 10.49%. The total repayment, including interest and processing fee, comes to 1,08,133 i.e.1,00,000 principal + 5,773 interest and 2,360 processing fees (2000 + 18% GST). Total cost will be Rs 8,133 (Interest 5,773 + Processing Fee 2,360 (2000 + 18% GST)) and There will be 12 EMIs (monthly repayments) of Rs 8,814/- each.


- Business Loan

- Home Loan

- Loan Against Property

- Two-wheeler and 4-Wheeler loan


- Secured Loans:

We recommend various secured loans like home loans, Loan against the property from our partner banks/NBFC which offers the following features.


FinMapp - Loan & Mutual Fund understands your loan requirements, checks your credit score profile, and recommends the partner bank which is right for you to choose and apply.


Note: - These are representative figures only. Actual cost may differ depending upon Loan amount, Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

Fey Features of FinMapp – Loans & Mutual Fund


Invest in Stocks

- Access charts, financial data, and news related to every stock to make informed decisions.

- Easy, fast, and secure way to invest in the stock market.

- Zero brokerage on stock investments.


Invest in Mutual Funds

- Choose from more than 1,000 mutual funds

- Don’t pay any commission fees by investing in direct mutual funds

- Track your investment portfolio in real-time


Check Credit Score For Free:

- Looking for loans, simply check your credit score for Zero cost and get offers from our top banking and NBFC partners within a few minutes.


Goal-based Fund Recommendation:

- You can do goal-based investments to achieve your short-term, long term and midterm goals.


Financial utility tool:

- Check how much loan you can get and assess which funds will give you better returns using our smart utility tools like:


- Loan EMI calculator

- SIP calculator

- Lump-Sum calculator


Trust, Data security & Privacy:

- We take your data privacy and security very seriously and store your data securely on our cloud infrastructure which is compliant with all security standards and fully encrypted.  

FinMapp – Loans & Mutual Fund Understand your risk profile, Plan, Invest & Manage your wealth:


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