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Farm Frenzy Farming Free: Time management game

Farm Frenzy Farming Free: Time management game



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Farm Frenzy Farming Free: Time management game
Farm Frenzy Farming Free: Time management game
Farm Frenzy Farming Free: Time management game
Farm Frenzy Farming Free: Time management game
Farm Frenzy Farming Free: Time management game

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run your own fully working farm? Looking after chickens, sheep and cows, producing cakes, wool, butter and cheese. If you fancy giving it a go without having to get up at the crack of dawn every day Farm Frenzy Farming is the game for you!

In the style of time-management games you’ll have to work hard to achieve your goals, whether that’s owning a certain number of animals, producing a specific number of goods or simply racking up a huge profit. This is farming simulator time management game.

Farm Frenzy Farming has 25+ action-packed levels with more coming soon to keep you busy, starting from simple egg collecting tasks to the rigours of producing cheese, woollen cloth and cakes all at the same time.

To help you along the way you can upgrade various parts of your farm, from the vehicle you use to transport the goods to market, to the warehouse you can store goods in, even the buildings that produce the goods. Soon you’ll be producing vast quantities of products and turning over a huge profit.

As well as the standard upgrades the really canny player may unlock special VIP bonuses, these include super-fast transport vehicles, automatic water-pumps and discount cards to secure cheaper purchasing of animals for your farm!

With bright vibrant graphics, a great soundtrack and more fun than an afternoon at the petting zoo, Farm Frenzy Farming will have you hooked.

Best of all, Farm Frenzy Farming is now free!

Get the complete farming experience with our Frenzy Farming game. Build your own farming empire. Frenzy Farming drops you into a highly imaginative environment which will give you a magnificent impression of an farm! Level up to unlock the absolutely unique goods!

In Frenzy Farming your goal is to build up a great farming business and become rich by doing so. Harvest crops, upgrade your equipment, and become the most successful farmer! You just put on your old boots and start working. There is plenty to do at Frenzy Farming.

Your role in Frenzy Farming is a farmer and your job will be to cultivate the land. You can harvest different types of crops, apart from growing crops you also need to take good care of livestock.

Upgrade your farm in order to reap more.

Frenzy Farming is an exciting, realistic and beautifully detailed time-management game which will give you tons of pure fun which you will never regret spending. It is a shining example of a game which can be equally enjoyable for all ages and played for hours on end without getting bored.

Frenzy Farming is one of the best ways to sit down and relax after a hard day’s work. It is extremely enjoyable to build a farm and harvest.

You will surely love the game Frenzy Farming with splendid graphics.

Try your hand at running a farm! Test your farm management skills with our Frenzy Farming game.

The gameplay is so entertaining and the tasks are so challenging that you want this pleasure to last as long as possible. So don’t waste time and develop the farm to the great empire in the game Frenzy Farming.

Why don't you try it right now? Download Frenzy Farming today for free and you'll find an easy way to spend your time with excellent emotions!

Game features:

• 25+ original levels
• More levels will added frequently.
• Funny animals to care for (More will added)!
• Lots of farm products to sell
• Over 30 buildings' upgrades coming soon!
• Unlimited game time
• VIP bonuses coming soon
• Brilliant graphics and nice soundtrack

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Have a nice time using Frenzy Farming!