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Falling Marble Ball

Falling Marble Ball

by Emazesol


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Falling Marble Ball
Falling Marble Ball
Falling Marble Ball
Falling Marble Ball is an endless game play which you make a marble ball fall down through a series of shelf gap by tilting your mobile device. The ball will take more speed gradually, you have to remain alert. At the end of each game you will get to see the score. Challenge your own score with your family and friends and make new higher score every time! As time goes by, the game will speed up making it more difficult to drop the ball through the gaps in time. Also the moving shelf will make it harder to make the ball falling down. FEATURES: -------------------------------------------------- -- Realistic and impressive gravity and wind flow engine. -- Enjoyable and simple gameplay but challenging and addictive. -- Play an unlimited level for unlimited fun and challenge. -- Collect star for extra score. -- Collect bonus star for extra power. -- Collect color bonus star to change theme color. -- Fan forces ball in opposite direction. -- Stay away from black hole. -- Level has nice colorful HD graphics. --------------------------------------------------