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factoTime: it is a free employee attendance app or time tracking app, with this you can capture employee attendance and punches with date time, and location.

You can also keep employee records and calculate salary and record employee payment and advance history with in-app. So factoTime is a modern attendance app, salary app, and payroll app. it supports advanced features like attendance with selfie, geo-location, or geotagging. It allows you to calculate employee salary on a monthly, daily, or hourly basis.

You can use this app FREE for up to 5 employees with basic features.

Bio-metric Attendance Replacement, Biometric Attendance App

With factoTime, you can take employee attendance directly from their mobile device, so you don't need to invest in a bio-metric attendance machine.

Social Distancing Employee Attendance App, Employee Self Attendance App.

factoTime can help you record employee attendance through selfies from their devices, so it helps you to keep social distancing among the employees.

Attendance App, Employee Self Attendance App, Attendance Management system

factoTime can be used by companies to record employee attendance on day to day basis.

Time And Attendance

factoTime can help you to keep records of the employee in and out
timings, and later it will auto calculate attendance based on punch timings.

Time Clock

In many countries, companies use a time clock to record employee attendance. factoTime can replace the time clock.

Time Tracker, Time Tracking App

factoTime also works as an employee time tracker where an employee can track their working hour and provide comments along with each punch.

Time Tracking Software, Employee Time Tracking

factoTime can be used as employee time tracking software. Where an employee can record their daily activities.

Time Keeping

Time Keeping is a process to track employee working time and their attendance. FactoTime enables an organization to keep employee timings.

Time Office Employee Attendance App

Are you looking for a perfect employee attendance app for your organization? factoTime can help you to do so.

Process Payroll

Processing Payroll is the task of managing the payment of wages by a company to its employees. factoTime supports payroll processing within an app.

Calculate Salary

factoTime is a free salary calculator that converts a salary between its hourly, biweekly, monthly, and annual amounts. Adjustments are made for holidays and vacation days.

Salary Management App

In factoTime, you can record employee salaries and auto-calculate salary amounts based on their hourly or monthly wages.

Payroll, Free Payroll App, Payroll Management App

With factoTime, you can define employee wages and calculate salary or process payroll based on attendance captured on the app.

Keep Employee Records, Free HRMS Payroll

You keep employees' information like Name, mobile no, email, employee id, DOJ, DOB, Department, and Designation.

Time Tracking From Mobile, Attendance From Mobile

Allows employees to punch from mobile devices, and the system will auto-calculate total working hours for payroll.

Employee Shift

With factoTime, you can create a shift and assign it to an employee.

Holiday Calendar, Working Calendar

You can define the working days, half-day, weeks off, and holidays as per your companies policy.

Capture employee location, Employee Time Tracking App, Location Based Attendance app

factoTime provides you the facility to capture employee current location information on punch.

Free App Usage

we are providing free usage with limited access for up to 6 months which is subject to change with prior intimation.


factoTime provides you daily, weekly, and monthly attendance reports.