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Euro Truck Street Parking Sim

Euro Truck Street Parking Sim

by Apps Factory 972 Media ltd.


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Euro Truck Street Parking Sim
Euro Truck Street Parking Sim
Euro Truck Street Parking Sim
Euro Truck Street Parking Sim
Euro Truck Street Parking Sim
Euro Truck Street Parking Sim

Drive 3 trucks across an european city and find a parking spot in the industrial area. Euro truck parking simulator offers you realistic truck driving experience with a racing challenge for the skilled driver

✔✔ Truck Simulator - Park & Drive Real Trucks, Semi trailers and gaz euro car transporters
✔✔✔ Skill Driving Game - 32 challenging roads and levels for you to drive and park you truck
✔✔✔✔ Steering with Friend - Play with friends online, see who is the best truck driver on the euro roads

"Euro Truck Street Parking Simulator is a super fun car game that has been around for years!"

Mr. Trucker get ready! 2014 best Truck driving and parking simulator game is here. Get your hand on three awesome trucks and challenge yourself to park them across an european city. Sounds simple? well it depends on the carpark. The size of the carpark can make a big difference when you have a dull trailer truck carrying cars on it.

Three huge trucks for you to drive in this game ( Lorry, Car carrier, Fuel semi trailer ):

✔Lorry ( A small truck ) - The lorry is used to carry cars and clear the road when needed. If you are driving the lorry it means you chose the easy level. It is easy to drive cause it was made to steer on the city street
✔Car Carrier ( A big Truck ) - The car carrier is used to transport new cars across Europe (tow truck). This truck requires a bit of skill to steer around the city streets looking for a carpark to stop and unload it's cargo
✔Semi Trailer ( Fuel carrier ) - The semi trailer truck is used to transport liquid fuel around the city. It is a really hard driving experience. Complex steering and monster truck attention is needed to drive and park it

Euro Truck Street Parking Sim has some really cool features for a city park cargame of it's kind

Multiplayer mode - Drive trucks agains your friends and see who finds the best carpark
Reaplay Video's - You can record you driving and parking to show off and post to Facebook tweeter etc...
Realistic Racecar - Euro truck simulator is not only a skill driving game but also a car race against time

If you are a driving fan and you love car games or truck games this euro truck simulator is going to blow your mind. The object of this game is to reach your destination on time with out crashing your truck. Watch out for tight corners, those are the places that make you call the police and a tow truck to salvage you truck.