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Escape Rider consists of 6 Levels. Each Level is a bridge to the next one. You have to complete each level in a series. The game starts of with a truck that moves in front of the players bike. After a fixed time the truck releases some hurdles through which the player has to escape without colliding with them. Real highway moto rider experience between real life traffic for being best moto racer. Super Moto Racing 3D is the best bike racing games of 2015 in category of moto racer 2015 and moto racer 2016 . In Super Moto Racing 3D you are going to enjoy best bike racing as this game is designed for real moto racer rider. This 3d racing game gives you real moto racing controls and fun free entertainment for extraordinary moto racer ( those who show best moto racing skills on highway and be best highway rider ) . Moto Racing 3D gives you a realistic environment speically designed for best moto racer 2016 competition . Top Motor bikes around the world are showing their challenging race experience in this moto racing motogp champions trophy . Highly designed latest motorbike can be used for moto racing . If you are forced to reduce speed then use missile and wheelie to get rid of blocky traffic . Fast free moto racing speedy game experience in traffic rush hours can played in desert, city, bridge, sea and forest! Boost your speed in the city asphalt for winning the best bike racing games title and be best moto racer 2016 in the championship of moto racing 3D . Your fast furious speed in best bike racing games will be disturbed by your opponents with the dynamic random traffic on highway . Show your superiority to your opponents by winning the race and preserve your title of best moto racer 2015 in moto racing 2016 . use nitro to leave your rivals behind and be winner of the title of best moto racing trophy 2016 as top moto racer 2016 . ***Features of Moto Racing 2016*** Moto Racer 2016 Real life traffic for moto racer is out there on the road Moto Racer 2015, Top Action Games present the latest and brand new version Moto Racer 2016. A complete new realistic environment takes you to from the city to villages. Offering latest motorbike of highly renowned brands and top motor bikers around the world will give you a life time challenging race experience. You need for speed to beat your opponent on the city asphalt. A crazy traffic is out there on the road and your fast and furious opponent has challenged your superiority. One has to win the race to dominate over other. Leaving your rival behind a specific distance declare you a winner , so dont slow down and use nitro to win him over. Blocky traffic may force you to reduce your speed but use the missiles installed on your bike and take down anything comes on your way. A great free game to play on Google Play Store. Win cash after defeating the other biker. Racing game is a fast paced moto game. You never dare drive so fast in the real world! Control your bike with incredible fast speed during traffic rush time! Also enjoy beautiful view during the journey - desert, city, bridge, sea and forest! ***** Features of Moto Racer 2016 ***** * Easy to Use * Collect Cash * Well designed levels * Endless Run * Multiple motorbikes, motor cycles. * Real Sound Effetcts * Flexible controls * Multiple environments. * one way and two ways traffic modes * Nice and clear stylized graphics * Use Nitro to beat opponent Super Moto Racing 3D Real highway moto rider experience between real life traffic for being best moto racer. The Level completes after avoiding a certain number of hurdles. Colliding with any hurdle would reduce Player's health. Game Input involves tilting your phone .... ENJOY.