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Easy Alarm (anti theft)

Easy Alarm (anti theft)

by BetterAppz


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Easy Alarm (anti theft)
Easy Alarm (anti theft)
Easy Alarm (anti theft)
The one touch alarm system for your phone. An easy to use anti theft alarm that requires no setting up and only has one button to activate. That’s it. It's perfect if you need to quickly protect you phone. Unlike other anti theft apps which can do a lot of complicated stuff, Easy Alarm is focused on an alarm system that’s safe and easy enough for everyday use. Because of the simplicity, it’s an anti theft app that you’ll actually use. Just open the app and press on the button to activate, that’s it. The app will take care of the rest and you can safely leave your phone alone. Easy Alarm uses the motion sensor of your phone. So if someone picks up your phone it will immediately trigger the alarm with loud sounds.