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Drs Panel

Drs Panel

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Drs Panel
Drs Panel
Drs Panel
Drs Panel
Drs Panel

Drs Panel is an online mobile application that will help you find a doctor and book an online doctor appointment at your convenience! If you have a health problem that requires expert medical advice, you can find a doctor at Drs Panel who will assist you with your healthcare needs.

Real-time video consultation

Ask a doctor online and engage in a live video call from anywhere. Drs Panel is changing the way patients receive healthcare from the comfort and safety of their homes. Get timely treatment with an expert physician, consultant or specialist today.

Quick online appointment booking

Book an instant online doctor appointment, ask medical questions, discuss your health concerns, get evaluated via a free online doctor chat or video conference and get a prescription online.

The best option for a second opinion

Drs Panel is the best option for getting a second opinion for an expert doctor online about a health concern. Receive expert medical advice with complete patient-doctor confidentiality.

24-hour online doctor service

Drs Panel provides a 24-hour doctor service that comprises a panel of Board-certified general physicians and specialists, ready to connect and help resolve your health issues from the comfort of your own home. It is affordable and saves time too.