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Document Scanner App For Android

Document Scanner App For Android

by waaiztech


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Document Scanner App For Android
Document Scanner App For Android

Document scanner provides digital assistance to those who want to scan their important documents, receipts and files. The Cam scanning option of document scanner uses built in camera to scan any kind of document. Scanner uses camera to scan image and display on the screen to further adjust the scan document. You can easily convert the scan document into pdf using image to pdf converter option on single tap of button. The scan document will be converted into pdf files for further usage. After scanning the document you can adjust the edges of the scan receipt for better results. There is also option of creating black and white copy of the document or further brighten the document to make it more accurate to read. 
The scanner will read the documents and provide option to convert into pdf files. The cam scanner app uses camera to assist school students or government clerks to scan their important documents into their mobile phone using scanner document app. The scan document can further be shared with friend and family on social media using sharing option.

Document Cam Scanner and PDF Converter Features.

1. Scan instantly using tap of one button.
2. Adjust brightness and shades of documents.
3. Resize edges using automatic edges detector.
4. Convert Scanned document into PDF files with tap of button.
5. Share scan document on social media using share option.

The document can scanner uses mobile camera to scan documents therefore the quality of the scan document will depend mostly on the quality of the camera of your phone. For better results use HD camera option to scan important documents.
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