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DIY Makeup Destruction! Satisf

DIY Makeup Destruction! Satisf

by creativespartans


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DIY Makeup Destruction! Satisf
DIY Makeup Destruction! Satisf
DIY Makeup Destruction! Satisf
DIY Makeup Destruction! Satisf

Welcome to the ASMR experience of DIY makeup breakup compilations and crushing experiments! If you are a fan of carving, destroying makeup & cosmetics then enjoy this extremely satisfying experience of destroying premier cosmetics in your mobile device for oddly satisfying ASMRs experience.
Release your frustration and anxiety for a no stress experience and try this viral experience of DIY makeup destroying art and crushing cosmetics in your mobile without getting the original makeup destroyed, and create viral fyp videos for makeup destruction, carving lipstics & cosmetics in your mobile an get famous on famous platforms by creating your realistic simulations based videos of makeup ASMR crushing.
Tons of makeup sets to destroy from including makeup eye shadow palette, red lipstick show, liquid concealers, lash lift mascara, destroying eye liner art, eye shadows, foundations, creams, bronzers, lip liners, lip glosses and so much more using your fingers with amazing animations that will give you an oddly satisfying ASMR tingling sensation in your brain.
Time to be famous! Capture makeup destruction screen videos of crushing ASMR makeup products and upload your own satisfying cosmetic destruction experience on different social media platforms and be the star of your world!
The bonus activity includes ASMR tapping hands with realistic & relaxing tapping triggers with very soothing ASMR tingles giving sounds so satisfying for your soul with a stress relief & calming antistress effect to treat your OCD, ADHD etc.