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by Dishision Inc


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Think of it as a Tinder for restaurants


Nobody can stand the "Where do you want to eat" conversation.  The endless "I Don't Care" and "You Pick" responses are the most annoying.  Dishision set out to eliminate the argument, connecting users to their restaurants quickly and without conflict.

How does it work?

  • Each user has the ability to create or get invited to an event
  • The event creator then sets the parameters, including date, time, location, and cuisines types
  • A list is generated and set to each user within the event to individually sort into a yes or no group
  • Dishision then provides the group’s perfect match, based off of each user’s result
  • Once the event creator confirms and finalizes the location, a notification is sent out to the rest of the group alerting them of the decision.


  • Dishision provides the most accurate restaurant listings available, using a powerful Yelp database to help keep data clean and organized.  We provide an option to view the full Yelp business page of the restaurant by clicking on the logo.  This will help users gather more information, including dining/takeout options.
  • Dishision integrated Google Maps, Uber, and Lyft to help user get to their locations.  You can also use this feature when in the process of deciding where to go
  • Afraid your guest doesn’t have the app?  No worries, we send a text message to all users invited to an event that doesn’t have the app downloaded, notifying them to download.
  • Dishision allows users to create events for large parties.  Perfect for a large getaway like bachelor/bachelorettes, Work lunch, or birthday dinners.