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Dinosaur Camera Sticker Maker

Dinosaur Camera Sticker Maker

by afuffstudio


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Dinosaur Camera Sticker Maker
Your ultimate Dinosaur Camera Sticker Maker is free for you to download. Choose any dinosaur sticker that you like and stick it to your photo, and then share it to using various types of share app. You can also save your edited photo to your photo gallery. Dinosaur camera sticker maker is free, fun and a very simple sticker photo to use. Take a photo using your camera Smartphone, then choose fierce, funny, cute, angry dinosaur from Dinosaur gallery, stick it on the your photo then send it. .For those who love Emoji photo sticker so much this is good news for you because with Dinosaur camera sticker photo, your photo will have lots of dinosaur to stick on. Many realistic and cute cartooned dinosaurs ready for you to pick. The dinosaur sticker can be zoom in and out, image rotation and you can also adjust the transparent color you like. You can decorate your favorite photo to make them scarier, frightening or maybe funnier and cuter. It is up to your imagination and creativity on how you want your photo will look like. Make your friend stunned and fascinated with your creative decorated dinosaur picture. Using Dinosaur Camera sticker maker, you can help your friend decorate his or her picture too. The more you use this editing tool, the better you will be. Your photo will look more fun, exciting and probably took like a professional art work. Get yourself the latest dinosaur phot booth sticker app for customizing your picture like never before. If you like having gun with dinosaur photo editing and like to create sticker picture mix art, you will find that Dinosaur Camera Sticker Maker is really a wonderful tool for you. It is really a reliable photo editor that can make you so exciting and amusing. How to use: Start by tapping “Open”. Choose whether to take photo with camera or select photo from gallery . After that, tap “Mask” and then Choose your desired dinosaur photo. To make the dinosaur photo blend well the photo, use “Alfa” to adjust it transparency. The size of dinosaur photo can be adjusted and rotate. You can enlarge it by double tab on dinosaur photo or you can pinch it to make the size smaller or do a bit rotation. To delete unwanted dinosaur photo, just select the delete button or drag the sticker outside of the photo. Sometimes, dinosaur photo that you selected can’t be reselected to resize. To solve this, all you have to do is tab “Mask” then tab back the dinosaur photo that you want to edit. Need more cool photo effect? Tab on the effect menu and choose which Effect to do want.. Grey Color Sepia. These customize effect will make you photo look like a pro. After you have finish and satisfied with your edited photo tab “Send” You can save it to Gallery or Share via apps (watsapp, telegram, chatOn, Line, facebook, email or Bluetooth). Dinosaur Camera Sticker Maker application is worth to download and try. If you are a person that love dinosaur and like editing photo to make it more unique and stunning, then this app is perfect for you. Download this and make your photos more interesting and fun.