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Dino Rush

Dino Rush

by SmartGame Studio


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Dino Rush
Dino Rush
Dino Rush

Dino Rush will give you immersive controls the greedy dinosaurs run quickly across the river from the pursuit evasion of name ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex seeks to catch attention. Let's run quickly and never stand still for too long because the river always has many pitfalls always waiting to swallow you. On the way to eat as many eggs as possible to score many points.

How to play simple, you just press the control button dinosaurs jump 1 or 2 steps forward steps to overcome the obstacles and eat plenty of eggs to score.

Feature highlights:
★ Picture friendly, eye-catching
★ How to play simple fun but there will be many challenges that you have to be very fast hands, new seeing-eye pass
★ Game Center achievements compare with friends and other players
★ Share your achievements via social networks or email, message