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Digital Weight Scale PRO

Digital Weight Scale PRO

by Aexol


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Digital Weight Scale PRO
Digital Weight Scale PRO
Have you ever needed a real digital scale ? You should try Digital Weight Scale PRO Digital Weight Scale PRO uses device's built-in gyroscope to measure deviation caused by placing an object on the mobile device and predicts its weigh using math equations. Unique weighing and fluctuation reduction algorithms called Gram Perfect Technology ® provide unprecedented results consistency. Digital Weight Scale PRO is a weighing scale app for all devices. This is real digital scale mobile app, its not a joke. The digital mobile scale works great on all Android devices. It's perfect for measuring weight of small things, weighing few grams like coins, gold, silver or herbs. If you weigh small things often this mobile scale app is perfect for you. If instructions are followed measures are the same as on real digital scale. Install this mobile digital scale app and forget about your regular scale device. You will have one always in your pocket, wherever and whenever you need it most. Digital Weight Scale PRO features: - results consistency higher than in any other digital scale app on the market - realistic scale design - user-friendly tutorial - advanced settings allowing user to find app set-up which suites best their personal preferences